Easter Bells – a catchy Christian Easter song for preschoolers!

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OK, straight off I should tell you that if you’ve landed on this page through a search engine, then you may wish to hit the ‘back’ button on your browser now. I expect you’re looking for a beautiful Easter hymn for your church celebrations – something which effortlessly converts profound theology into beautifully-scanned rhyme, with an uplifting tune to boot. Something, probably, by Stuart Townend and Keith Getty.

This is not that.

If, however, you have a tiny child in your life and you’re looking for a way to sing them the Easter story, and don’t mind high levels of cheese, then you’re in the right place.

I think there’s a lack of really simple Easter songs for preschoolers and, while I know a few general worship songs which are simple enough and appropriate for Easter (Lord I lift your name on high, I’m special, Thank you Jesus…), I’ve really missed having something I could sing over and over with my kids – something which would build up to Easter like the singing of Christmas carols does during Advent.

Whilst I’ve been bemoaning the lack of pre-school Easter songs, Mister has been re-visiting ‘Jingle Bells’, piping up at any and every opportunity. Ironic? Maybe.

Or perhaps he too feels a need to express musically a festival he is coming to understand as significant. So here is my Easter version, creatively titled “Easter Bells”, to the same tune, which I crafted on the way back from church this morning. I have a feeling we might be singing this a lot over the weekend. Do feel free to try out with your children – but please forgive the cheese.

Easter Bells
Easter bells, Easter bells – Jesus died for us.
All the wrong things we have done were nailed to the cross – but! –
Easter bells, Easter bells – that was not the end:
God brought Jesus back to life so we could be His friends!

Do you have a favourite Easter song you sing with your kids? Please share if so!


  1. Lucy, that is AWESOME!

    You should try and write some more kids songs like that?

    It’s quick. Catchy. And really carries the message across.


    1. Cheers Andy! Oh there’s more…far more…where that came from. I am an unending supply of kids’ cheese. Haven’t Sophie and Jenny sung you the Jesus Hokey Cokey yet?!

  2. This is brilliant! My two year old has been singing Jingle Bells since November, I am looking forward to teaching him these news words!

    1. I’m SO sorry Naomi…it turns out my spam filter has been overly effective, and literally no comments were getting through these last few months – and I’ve only just realised! I thought it was a bit quiet on the blog!! Thanks so much for your comment xx

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