8 ways that £37 could save you £100s this year…

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Ever heard the expression “You have to spend money to make money”?

There’s an element of truth to that, of course – and, likewise, I think sometimes it can be true that “You have to spend money to save money”.


Some examples would be: buying in bulk, buying items you need during a sale, paying your car insurance all in one go (rather than in monthly installments which add up to more).

Another example is the purchase of the Healthy Meal Planning Bundle. At $49.97 (roughly £37), you’d be forgiven for thinking it was rather a lot to spend on a recipe book.

Except: it isn’t a recipe book.

I mean, if you want to talk recipe books then the Bundle contains twelve of them, covering every conceivable dietary need or preference. (I should know: I’ve contributed recipes and a meal plan towards the collection.)

It’s an entire library of resources designed to help you save time and money in the kitchen, creating healthier and more exciting meals for ALL members of your family at ALL times of day in ALL seasons.

Here are eight ways you could find yourself saving a lot more than £37 if you purchase this Bundle:

1. Use the ‘Budget Friendly’ meal plan

There are more than 30 ready-to-go meal plans, but if you grab the ‘Budget’ one, you’ll find yourself with four weeks’ worth of dinners, plus full shopping list and prep list, without having to put in any effort whatsoever.

If this shaves just £7.50 off your food bill each week (and it may shave even more), you’ll have made back the cost of the Bundle in just five weeks!

2. Replace shop-bought snacks with homemade

The Bundle contains a ‘Snacks’ recipe book purely for this purpose. Not only are these snacks better for you, but they’ll save money (and plastic!) if your habit is to buy your nibbles ready-made.

If you usually spend £5 per week on shop-bought snacks, then it’ll only take you less than eight weeks to make back the cost of the Bundle in this area alone!

3. Make your own takeaways

Ditch the Friday night £30 outpouring on the local Indian, and try one of any number of tasties from this Bundle – for a fraction of the price. Try Mexican Chicken Rice Bowls (less than £5 per serving), Easy Crockpot BBQ Pork Ribs, Middle Eastern Beef Brisket or Chilli Prawns with Cauliflower Fried Rice.

Do this for two people, and it’ll only take a couple of weeks to make at least £37 worth of savings.

4. Read ‘Dinner for a Dollar’ and absorb its money-saving strategies

This is one of several ebooks contained in the Bundle. It starts with a real beginner’s guide to meal-planning, but keeps going through some very nifty techniques and ideas to spend even less on your family food bill. I’m a fairly seasoned meal-planner and creator-of-meals-for-many, but even I discovered some new ideas that I could put into place to save me £10-20 each week.

And yep, you’ve worked it out: do this for 2-4 weeks and you’ve made your money back on the Bundle!

5. Access the ‘Freezer Meal Blueprint’ course

The subtitle of this course is ‘The Framework to Make Ahead Meals Without Wasting Your Weekends’ which sounds just sublime to me. It’s all very well saving money, but time is hardly in plentiful supply when you have a family either! Of course when you use your freezer, you’re able to save money by bulk-buying ingredients AND by using a full pack of something rather than a small amount and allowing the rest to go bad – not to mention the time you save by having dinner ready-prepared for a busy day.

Saving a few pounds by cooking one double-sized meal each week, and freezing the spare meal, will save you the cost of the Bundle in just a couple of months.

6. Search by dietary need/preference and save on expensive substitutes

I’ve seen a lot of people on Facebook so far this year resolve to eat cleaner/vegetarian/vegan or some other dietary preference. However, many of the products or substitutes available for different diets and allergies are pricey and have to be sourced from specialist shops. The Bundle contains hundreds of recipes for vegetarian, sugar-free, keto, paleo, egg-free, dairy-free, gluten-free and nut-free AND there is a master index for all of these, so you can search for what you need within seconds. (NB Vegan recipes are not listed in this master index, but there are plenty of them across the recipe books – you’ll just need to do a search for ‘vegan’ in each recipe book.)

Cook up some of these delicious meals, and you’ll be saving pounds every week on pricey ‘free-from’ products.

7. Use the ‘Kids’ Lunchbox’ meal plan

My son’s lunches cost me £11 each week. He loves his food, though, and I don’t think I could entice him to eat a week of packed lunches if it was just boring sandwiches each day. (This totally works for my other three, fussier kids though!)

I know I could use this meal plan to create healthy, varied lunches for £1 or less per day, meaning a £6 saving per week – in other words, six or seven weeks and I’d have made back the cost of the bundle!

8. Plan your meals for celebration times

The bundle includes ready-to-run meal plans for Mother’s Day, Halloween, Valentine’s, New Year’s, Thanksgiving/Christmas and even ‘The Big Game’, when you grab a few friends, some food and beers and enjoy an important sports match together! I don’t know about you, but my food spending goes through the roof at these times, especially when we have friends or family coming round. Why not plan these meals so that you know exactly what to buy in order to have enough, but not waste food?

A wild guess here, but I reckon we could all save AT LEAST £37 on just one big celebration, by planning meals using these helpful meal plans from the Bundle!


I hope you’ve got the idea! The likelihood is that you could use two or three of the above ideas with little stress or extra time and save a huge amount of money through 2019. Use more and save more!

AND I will throw in two of my own freebies if you email me your receipt: Top Tips for Fussy Eaters and a Bundle Cheat Sheet which will help you make the most of the Bundle.

Just don’t forget to email me your receipt – and tell me how you get on with the Bundle!


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