Faith-building stocking stuffers for your 5s-8s this Christmas! Fill their stocking with items to encourage and challenge them as they grow as Christians.

10 Stocking Fillers to Nurture Faith for 5-8s

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Around this time of year, I start to think about Christmas presents and, in particular, stockings.

I do love the fun of picking out small treats that my children will enjoy – but I also feel the pressure of needing enough to deem their stockings well and truly ‘stuffed’, whilst also not wanting to spend a fortune, nor buy disposable plastic tat which is so damaging for the planet.

So – what to do?

My solution in recent years has been to focus on items my children need. This way, I can justify the expense, but ensure that stocking fillers are used throughout the year, and not just on Christmas Morning until they break!

So I tend to include things like a fun water bottle, pants and socks with favourite characters or brands, magic flannels, a book (often second hand!), a small game, a battery-operated toothbrush, shower gel or bath bubbles.

However, I’ve recently been challenged that in all this spending that we do for our kids, where is the budget for faith-based resources?

After all, whilst our children need underwear and baths and drinking receptacles – don’t they need much more the knowledge of how much God loves them?

Don’t they need some encouragement when most of the people they come into contact with on a daily basis don’t share their faith?

Don’t they need resources which will challenge and teach them to work out their faith for themselves?

This is the idea behind this blog post – and if you don’t have a child in this age group, check out my post for Under 5s or my post for 8-11s!

Likewise, many of the resources I’ve listed in those posts would be suitable for several age groups, so please treat the age suggestions as a very rough guide. Enjoy!

Faith-building stocking stuffers for your 5s-8s this Christmas! Fill their stocking with items to encourage and challenge them as they grow as Christians.

The Beginner’s Bible Super-Duper Mighty Jumbo Activity Book, £2.19

If your child enjoys dot-to-dot, spot the difference and word puzzles, this is the activity book for them! At just over £2, it’s an absolute snitch, but will be a great boredom buster to have handy for waiting rooms or long journeys.

The Christmas Promise Colouring and Activity Book, £2.49

This is such a beautifully illustrated Christmas story book which we enjoy (and have in our Advent Basket), that I know how much a creative child would enjoy the colouring and other activities based on it.

Just Nicholas, £3.74

This is such a brilliant stocking filler, as you’ll find yourselves getting it out year after year to share the inspiring story of St Nicholas together.

(In fact, teaching about Santa this way has become one of our own Advent traditions – I’ve even written about it in Redeeming Advent!)

Friska My Friend, £4.97

Patricia St John was the household name in children’s Christian fiction when I was young, and her work has stood the test of time, being reprinted with these gorgeous contemporary covers.

This particular book was gifted to Missy last year when she was 7, and provided an enjoyable bedtime tale for her and Mister, then 9 – but children as young as 4 or 5 would love to hear it read to them too.

25 Favourite Bible Songs – VeggieTales, £4.99

Find me a child who doesn’t like the insane silliness of VeggieTales! These catchy tunes will be a great addition to car journeys or bedtime or whenever you like to whack on a good old-fashioned CD!

Sticker Sheets, £4.99

I love these creative stickers designed by Hannah Dunnett, a well-known name to many of us for her gorgeous Bible-themed artwork. These would make a lovely stocking filler for a crafty child to use on cards and letters, pictures, craft projects, or to illustrate a piece of writing!

Notebook, £6.99

I love these Hannah Dunnett designs – and I counted at least seven on the website if you don’t fancy this one. What a fab stocking filler for a child who likes to write or draw!

My Bible Animals Storybook, £6.97

We really enjoyed this book when we were sent a review copy…er…several months ago now. Review coming soon, promise!

It’s a lovely one for animal-lovers, packed to the brim with Bible stories relating to animals as well as fun facts and info about a huge variety of different species. Don’t be deceived by the young-looking cover – it’s a longer, more wordy and in-depth book, perfect for primary-aged children!

Veggie Tales DVDs, £7.99

IMHO, VeggieTales resources have aged well. They don’t take themselves too seriously, with plenty of humour for children and adults alike. A DVD would be a fabulous addition to your child’s stocking, not to mention their screen-time!

All Through History, £9.77

Our children are big fans of Nick and Becky Drake – their songs are catchy, singable and full of Biblical truth and promise. ‘God is Here’ was our soundtrack to summer 2019 – wherever we travelled, we had that CD on!

This CD is a compilation of all their most popular songs, across several different albums. Well worth the money – you’ll be spinning it for years!

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