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15 Spiritual Practices Every Tired Parent Needs To Know


This trademark freebie is the essence of what Desertmum is all about!


How do you grab opportunities to connect with God when you have small people clawing at your legs, relentless in their many demands and needs? Here are some ideas, gleaned from my near-decade's experience of busy family life.

Choosing a School PRINTABLE
Picking out a school for your child to spend the next few years of their life is a daunting prospect.
This printable makes the job a lot easier, with comparison tables and headings of what to look for. It works brilliantly alongside my blog post 'Top 5 Questions to Ask when Visiting a Primary School' and the tailored version for adopted/fostered kids which you can find here.
Good Friday all-age service
How do you combine the contemplative nature of a Good Friday service with the naturally curious, fidgety and often noisy nature of young kids?
This service plan and readings will give you everything you need for a fully interactive, contemplative all-age Good Friday service.
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