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  1. Great to read your blog on cheap spiritual tat…thoughtful and so true. Thankyou Lucy! Love to you all from (Michael and) Virginia.

  2. Love your blogs thanks so much! I already subscribe to the emails- is there a way I can access the 10 top tips for new adoptive parents? We potentially have a match with a baby and so it would be a good time to read it!!

  3. Dear Lucy

    I just wanted to thank you personally for your excellent contribution to the blog book tour for Where is God in our 21st century world?

    It was really appreciated and I loved the Q&A with Ann and the photos, and thank you for promoting it through your social media network.

    Once again, huge thanks.

    Warmest wishes


    Katrina Moss, Founder
    engage * inspire * reward

    1. My pleasure, Katrina! It’s such a gorgeous book – I loved the whole concept of the Chaiya Art Awards, and thought the book was so well executed. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to join in.

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